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When your body is just not functioning the way it should, you're experiencing pain, or if you're experiencing neurological and sleep disorders which include headaches, seizures, memory issues, sleep apnea, dizziness, and more, Dr. Fawad Mian's approach to care is like no other.

Many of us live in chronic pain, trying to make it through the day. We strive to get you out of pain.

Comprehensive treatments to treat the whole person and promote healing and a better quality of life.

Sleep disorders can be caused by, and cause, a host of health issues. We’ll help get to the heart of it, & finally get you quality sleep.

At Prolohealing Medspa, we provide regenerative medicine, Botox & aesthetics treatments, & sexual wellness treatments.


Fawad Mian, MD

At NeuroWellnessMD, we specialize in treating neurological disorders, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and erectile dysfunction. We combine traditional and holistic approaches to make people function better, feel better, and improve their quality of life.

In our patient-centered approach we determine how and why an illness or chronic pain occurs in order to address the root causes. Combining regenerative and functional medicines have become an integral part of our approach to restore health. Our mission is to heal your pain, and revitalize your life.

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Neuro Wellness – Announcing Our New Location in Denville

Health and Wellness
July 07, 20222 min read

Dr. Fawad Mian and Neuro Wellness are proud to announce they have moved to a new location in Denville, NJ! Beginning April 2022, Neuro Wellness will welcome patients to their new office location at 16 Pocono Road, Suite 205 Denville, NJ 07834.

Located just one minute from St. Claires Hospital in Denville, Sixteen Pocono Park is a large professional medical complex with dozens of the area’s leading medical specialists.

The new Neuro Wellness location has multiple examination, testing, and consultation rooms.

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There is a full array of state-of-the-art equipment to perform important diagnostic testing for neurological conditions, neuromuscular disorders, and for patients who may be experiencing vertigo, dizziness, and balance issues.

Other diagnostics include ultrasound imaging with special equipment to measure and evaluate blood circulation to the neck and brain.

SUDOSCAN testing detects early stages of autonomic and small fiber neuropathy by evaluating the function of sweat glands. This aids Dr. Mian if detecting, customizing, and monitoring treatment.

EEG testing is also available to evaluate brain activity in those who are experiencing recurring episodes of passing out or have epilepsy., or some underlying brain pathology.

Other diagnostic services include electromyography (EMG), video nystagmography, and polysomnograms.

Neuro Wellness is also the leader in regenerative medicine offering several modalities for patients who are experiencing ligament, tendon, or joint pain from injury or aging.

Top Doc awards for Dr. Mian on the wall at Neuro Wellness

Dr. Mian is recognized as one of the areas “Top-Docs” for treating migraine and cluster headaches and chronic pain in the shoulder, spine, knee, elbow, neck or back.

Dr. Fawad Mian has been practicing medicine for over 20 years and is a board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology, and Sleep Medicine.  He is the author of the book Getting to Pain Free: How to Make Your Body Stop Hurting So You Can Start Living Again Without Drugs or Surgery.

For more information or to 
schedule an appointment with Dr. Mian, please call 973-928-3288 and begin feeling better today! 

Dr Mian

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Regenerative medicine changed his own life and now Dr. Mian is using his experience, extensive knowledge, and training to help change the lives of his patients.

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Dr. Mian is such an innovator when it comes to medicine, and I love that he offers innovative therapies in his medical spa too! Thank you so much, I not only feel better, I now look great too!

-Erin S.

I had an epidural in my lower back less than two weeks ago and the pain has subsided tremendously. I am extremely happy with the results thus far and I highly recommend this procedure to anyone living with chronic back pain. Thank you Dr. Mian!

-Bessie V.

I went in with terrible peripheral neuropathy that was affecting my whole life. With some tests and new medications I am a new woman. Lots more energy. I even lost 10 pounds.

- Suzanne O.


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